January 25, 2011

Thank you to our friends at Quail Ridge Farm!  Payne set up this article in the Newnan Times-Herald.  We have been so touched by all the support we have received during this time.

February 2, 2011

Today is Groundhog Day and I have a big reason to remember 2011's!  It was NORMAL.  What does "normal" consist of any more?  Good question.  However, today we got the boys off to school (on time!), to the sitters and I went to work, had lunch with Alexander, volunteered at the Cornerstone Church kids consignment sale, picked up the boys, came home, made dinner, gave bathes, Alex read stories, we finished tagging stuff to take back to the consignment sale, etc.  Whoo.  Did you notice that nowhere - not a place - in that entire narrative - did we visit a doctor, go to a hospital or drug store, call the insurance company or 911?  Tomorrow is another day, but for today it just felt so good to be busy doing just the normal, random stuff that makes up life. 
Happy G'Hog Day!  Sherry

February 5, 2011

Thank you to our friends and supporters for braving the cold, windy day to join us at Quail Ridge Farm's horse show.  I will be adding the new items to the auction site soon (adorable wooden trunk, new western saddle pads, salt block buckets, etc.).  A DVD set from Parelli International also came today!

Our family has been so touched by the generous donations of auction items, people's time (fliers, e-mails and facebook messages are literally going around the world) and financial support.  When we are feeling tired or discouraged, looking at the cards, letters and e-mails of support that we have received over the past few months really helps.  I found inspiration in an odd place a few weeks ago.  After several days of cloudy, overcast skies, we were all starting to feel gloomy, too.  When I checked the weather for the following day, the forecast was my inspiration -- "tomorrow will have abundant sunshine".   If the actual "weather" doesn't call for "abundant sunshine", we challenge you to make your own.
Wishing you all "Abundant Sunshine",  Sherry

February 9, 2011

Thank you so much to the UGA Sigma Alpha chapter for allowing Sarah Jean (most wonderful UGA student/volunteer/friend) and I to attend the chapter meeting on Monday night.  When I received the sign-up list from the ladies volunteering to help with the BBQ and baked goods, I was amazed.  We are going to have awesome kitchen help and some delicious baked goods!

February 15, 2011

This week an ad for the auction appears in Stablemates.  If you frequent a tack shop or feed store, you have probably seen this publication - maybe you even saw the ad in it!  I wanted to thank them for the extra space we received!  I have advertised in Stablemates over the years for work and fundraisers -- and you really do get results.  If you are looking to advertise a sale horse, stable, horse show or other equine event, Stablemates is a great value.  Take a look at their website -- www.Stablemates.com.
Another big thank you goes out to everyone who has been donating items for the auction, marketplace and BBQ!  We are going to have a big push to update the items this week -- there is some great stuff!

February 25, 2011

One week until the auction and BBQ!  We have been so busy updating the rest of the auction site, that I haven't had much time to really add "updates".  Alexander did have a pretty good check up at the doctor this past week.  Otherwise, we just keep on working, playing with the boys (just signed Aidan up for soccer!) and getting ready for the auction.
The local (here and from my hometown of Newnan) papers have been great about helping get information out about Alexander and our upcoming event!  The Newnan Times-Herald ran a story last week, as did the Oglethorpe Echo (imagine our suprise to see it on the front page!).  The Athens Banner Herald and Oconee Leader also featured small notices about the auction.  The Red & Black also plans to run a story about Alexander and the event in the paper on Thursday or Friday.  Have a wonderful weekend!

March 2, 2011

Just a few days until the Auction and BBQ!  We are so thankful for all the help from our volunteers and the generous gift of items and services for the auction!  Have you seen the Donor page? (Some of our donors did not want to be listed - we send a big "thank you" to you, too.)  It is really amazing how many people and businesses have offered to help us with this fundraiser. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful support system.  Enjoy this wonderful weather and have a great day! Sherry