Frequently Asked Questions

We have been asked lots of questions about the fundraiser, donations, etc.  Here we have tried to answer some of the most common questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions!

Are you still taking donations for the auction?
YES!  We are still taking donations of new or used farm equipment, stable supplies, tack, clothing and home decor.  Event tickets or packages and services are still needed, too.  We can take items until March 4th, but the earlier we have them the longer they can be on the website, in the catalogue, etc.

What do you get if you donate?
You get a warm fuzzy feeling!  No, really, we appreciate the support that we have received from everyone.  We are glad to put info about your business/services/etc on the website.  At the auction/BBQ event there will also be some donor tables where you can put business cards, pictures, etc to help promote your business.

Can I bid on auction items if I cannot be there the day of the event?
Yes!  You can submit "sealed bids" (the max you want to pay for that item) through the "contact us" link.  Bids must be received by Friday, March 4th and should include the item description (auction # if available), your max bid and phone number where you can be reached between 3 and 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 5th.  All auction items must be removed by the winning bidder by 8 p.m. on March 5th - unless you have made prior arrangements.  We can make arrangement for you to get tickets/service gift certificates at a later time.

What forms of payment can be used at the auction?
Cash or checks only.  Sealed bid payments can be done with Paypal.

Where can I buy BBQ tickets?
You can request them through the website (see the "BBQ" tab) or at Bar G Horse & Cattle Supply in Bishop.  If you would like to help sell tickets, send us a note with one of the "contact us" forms.

Why does Alexander need to raise money for the transplant?  Does he have health insurance?
Yes, Alexander does have health insurance.  His current insurance plan covers a good amount of his medical and transplant expenses; however, due to the high cost ($600,000+ for transplant, up to $32,000 per year for anti-rejections meds) his portion of the expenses adds up quickly.
The transplant clinic requires Alexander to have a set amount of funds saved with the Georgia Transplant Foundation.  With GTF, Alexander is able to have an "access to care" account.  For the first year the account is open (his was opened 1/5/2011), GTF will match deposit to his account up to $10,000.  With the long-term health care cost in mind, we could not turn down the chance to have his funds doubled.

What will the funds cover?
Money in Alexander's GTF account cannot be used until AFTER the transplant.  It will help pay (as long as he has money in his account) the hospital copay, insurance deductibles, travel/lodging for his check-ups right after the transplant and copays for his anti-rejections meds.  There is a separate account established for this through a bank where funds can be used to pay some medical expenses before he receives a transplant.  This account has a board of advisors that decide what the money can cover.

If you would like to make a donation, where can you send it?
Checks can be mailed to two places:
Georgia Transplant Foundation
Checks payable to "Georgia Transplant Foundation" and   you must put "IN HONOR OF ALEXANDER ABRAMS" on the check memo line
3125 Presidential Parkway, Suite 230
Atlanta, GA 30340
Attn: Transplant Fundraising Program
Pinnacle Bank
(Please make check payable to "Alexander Abrams Benefit Account".
Attn:  Anita Turene.
P.O. Box 247
Lexington, GA  30648 

When will Alexander have the transplant?
When Alexander receives a liver transplant depends on several factors.  Transplant candidates receive a MELD (Model for Endstage Liver Disease) score and are placed on the UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) list based on the score.  A higher number goes to a higher spot on the list.  When Alexander's MELD score is at a number his doctors believe is the most beneficial for transplant, he will be placed actively on the UNOS list.  When he is the highest current number within his blood type group, he will be the next to receive a liver.  These facotors could come together in days, weeks, months or longer.
Alexander in July 2010 during a break helping at the South American and Caribbean Island Games in San Juan, Puerto Rico.